Where to Buy KULAU Products

KULAU in Germany

Where can consumers buy our products?

Besides the KULAU web shop, many organic stores carry our products:

You can also find KULAU products in selected conventional supermarkets, cafes, and yoga studios. Please write us a mail if you'd like to know exactly where to purchase KULAU in your area.

Organic stores and other retailers in Germany

Organic stores and other retailers can purchase KULAU products straight from us or through one of our German wholesellers:

KULAU in Europe

For European consumers

For orders of over € 100 we can send our products to other European countries at a reasonable price via DHL. Please write us a mail with the amounts of coconut water, coconut oil, or coconut sugar you wish to purchase, then we'll gladly send you an offer. Please note that we don't recommend ordering young coconuts from abroad due to their short shelf-life of about 10 days.

For European retailers

You can purchase our products through one of our international wholesellers: