Product reviews

Nowadays customer evaluations are more valuable than ever before and often the most important quality criterion when buying goods - whether online or offline. Thanks to Google, Amazon and Co., it is easy to know what other people think of a product and how they evaluate it. Authentic and honest product evaluations from our customers are therefore more valuable to us than all expensive advertising and at the same time give us important feedback about what we can do better in the future or what we are doing quite well. For this reason, we will refund every product evaluation in the KULAU Onlineshop with 1 Euro from now on (and for an indefinite period). Not only do you get something from it (credit), but also other shop visitors (opinions) and us (feedback). A classic win-win-win situation. 😊

First of all: If you want to evaluate a specific product, you must: 1. have a customer account at KULAU and 2. have previously purchased the product in our onlineshop. Of course, it would not make sense to have a product that you do not know at all. For your information: In the shop is not called her full name. Only their first name and the initial name of their surname will be visible to other customers.

For each rating, there is 1 €. This credit is not paid in cash and can only be charged with a purchase in KULAU Onlineshop *.

Now for an evaluation.

Step 1.

Login and select the item you want to rate. In order to be able to evaluate an article you bought in our onlineshop, you must first log in with your customer account. Afterwards, you will find the article you want to evaluate in the shop (as already mentioned you must have bought it in our onlineshop, if you want to rate it).

Step 2.

Open valuation window. Once you have opened the view of the product, you will find the "Ratings" tab under the pictures. Click on it. The tab opens and the button "Review article" appears. Select it.


Step 3.

Rate product. Now to the decisive part. In the new view, there are three items that you must complete. 1. Select an apt heading for your rating. Examples of already existing evaluations would be "delicious" or "top quality ...". 2. Write a comment and share your opinion on the product. Ideally, the text should reflect your personal experience, explain why you find the product good (or bad), and maybe have one or the other use tip. The more informative the text, the more valuable to other customers. 3. Evaluate the product using stars. Up to 5 stars can be awarded, with 5 being the highest rating.

Step 4.

Submit Review and get credit. Before the evaluation can go online, it has to be controlled by one of our employees for harmful content (racism, sexism, spam, etc.) as these are content that we do not tolerate and keep from our side. We assume that this will never be the case, so your rating should be unlocked a little later and you will automatically receive your credit of 1 Euro in your customer account.

Step 5.

Redeem credit. To view your credit balance, open your customer account and look at the main page on the right hand side under "Credits" (see picture). On your next purchase the credit is automatically deducted from the value of your shopping basket.

And now have a lot of fun with the credit collection and thanks in advance for your opinion.

Your KULAU team

* This is a voluntary service / remuneration of KULAUs. If, due to technical errors or limitations, it is not possible to evaluate a particular product, even though you have ordered it in the past, we are often unable to change it. We are not involved in technology and sometimes we can not help you if you get an error message. We are looking for a solution with you and try to make an evaluation possible. It may be that we use customer reviews elsewhere for promotional purposes. We would only use her first name and the initial name of her last name. By submitting the one review, you agree to this. Monthly, no more than 20 € can be credited per customer. That is, even if you give more than 20 ratings within one month, you will only receive 20 €.