New year, new KULAU products!

On the occassion of BIOFACH 2016 KULAU will be presenting many exciting new and well-tried products: Four exciting coconut spices, natural creamed coconut and tasty seaweed salt enrich the KULAU assortment from now on. In addition, visitors of the exhibition will have the chance to obtain detailed information about KULAU‘s Organic Dried Seaweed which is available since November 2015.

Like every year KULAU will be represented at the BIOFACH in Nuremberg. From the 10th of February to the 13th of February you will find us in hall 9, stand 9-332. The team of KULAU looks forward to present the following products to its visitors in detail: 

KULAU Organic Coconut Spices 

The four varieties BANGKOK, BOMBAY, BUENOS AIRES and JAMAICA will enrich spice shelves in the future. With its various flavors it will offer something for everyone. The composition of KULAU Organic Coconut Spices is compiled by KULAU‘s longtime partner and spice expert Marcus Lind, who has been active for many delicatessen companies throughout his career. Fot the coconut spice mixtures he focused on high quality and extraordinary flavor combinations. His endeavor resulted in four exquisite mixtures which in addition to other organic ingredients contain the KULAU products Organic Coconut Flour and Organic Coconut Blossom Sugar. The 40 g glasses are available only in selected organic trade at a price of 5.49 Euro each.

kulau organic coconut spices

KULAU Organic Creamed Coconut 

The KULAU Coconut line received one more addition this week and may finally count Organic Creamed Coconut to the product family. Due to its very intense coconut flavor and delicately melting consistency it is a real favorite amongst coconut lovers and is often consumed without anything else added to it. KULAU Organic Creamed Coconut consists of 100 % fresh coconut meat and – as every KULAU product – remains free of any additives. The harvest and production oft the fine purée happens in the Philippines and Sri Lanka. The bottling takes place in Germany due to the high quality standards. The KULAU Organic Creamed Coconut will be made available in 200 ml and 500 ml glasses at a price of 6,45 Euro and 13,80 Euro. It will be available in selected organic trade and the KULAU onlineshop.

kulau organic creamed coconut

KULAU Organic Seaweed Salt

We also have a specialty in the form of a limited edition: the organic seaweed salt. The mixture is composed of 95 % medium-fine sea salt and 5 % wakame seaweed. Both ingredients come from controlled organic farming from the spanish atlantic coast. The bottling into 100 g glasses takes place in Germany. The KULAU Organic Seaweed Salt will be available in selected organic trade and the KULAU onlinehsop at a price of 3,99 Euro.

kulau seaweed salt

KULAU – a continuing story of success

It all began in 2007 when founder and CEO of KULAU Josefine Staats drank a delicious cocktail directly out of a fresh coconut on a beach in Thailand. Her enthusiasm for the coconut palm, of which everything – from the flower to the root - can be used, was kindled. Since 2008 she and her ever-growing team have been working in Berlin to provide their customers the best quality coconut products available – with success. KULAU is now one of the European market leaders in the field of innovative and natural coconut products and was able to double the annual sales for the third time in a row. The products range from refreshing coconut water to finely crystalline coconut sugar and versatile coconut oil to young, green coconuts and more.

Now the company steps into a new, exciting direction. KULAU still loves coconuts. It will always remain the core business and retain a permanent place in the assortment. But with the same dedication and the goal of sustainability and fair trade, Staats sets on the growing interest in Clean Eating and wants to launch new products which have high nutritional benefits. The company supports the step to natural products and aims to enrich the European market with a selection of native products.

All products are produced in compliance with KULAUs high environmental and ethical standards. Therefore KULAU collaborates with various international experts and promotes mixed cultural projects instead of monocultures.

"By encouraging fair trade and environmentally conscious acting, we want to have a positive impact particularly on the biological and sustainable agriculture in the producing states." says Josefine Staats.

... we ♥ coco + more! 

You can download the press release as a PDF here.

For product samples, recipe suggestions and further background information you can contact KULAU.

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