December 2008 | Visiting our Suppliers and Plantations

coconut suppliers

Our coconut suppliers Sam and Sataporn.

young coconut plantation

Inspecting the plantations – here's a really young coconut palm

coconut palms

The evening sun shines through the great coconut palms

plantation brook

The natural little brooks that wind through the plantations are particularly idyllic.

plantation manager with pomelo

The plantation manager proudly showed us his huge pomelo fruits that grow all over the plantation. In the background you can see bananas growing on our mixed-culture plantation.

production facility

...and after the plantations: Visiting the production facilities - here you can really find coconuts and coconut products everywhere.

Februar 2007 | Visiting the Coconut Authority in India

coconut minister

The Coconut Minister

coconut dow jones

The "Coconut Dow Jones" at the Coconut Authority