Transparent & Open

We say what we do, where our products are from and how they are traded. Personal interaction is an important part of our business philosophy. That's why we are in constant contact with our partners, customers, interest groups and specialist organizations and are readily available to them.

Sustainable & Forward-Looking

We carefully consider each of our actions and their potential consequences. Sustainable and forward-looking conduct is integral to our entrepreneurial mission. We also like to dream of a better future for everyone.

High Quality & Natural

We greatly value high-quality and natural products. KULAU stands for organic products from selected plantations with no additives. Our products are regularly tested in a laboratory.

Unconventional & Modern

The KULAU team is young and highly motivated. We like to do unconventional and surprising things.

Social Responsibility

Coconut palms are often cultivated in industrial-style monocultures geared towards efficiency. But plantation economies with the sole focus of maximizing their yield may often severely damage fragile ecosystems. A few people profit, but many others are left to deal with the ecological consequences.

KULAU coconut products originate from organic plantations where palm trees grow side-by-side with other tropical plants in mixed cultivation. Together with our local partners we ensure ecologically and socially sustainable development. In doing so, we help offer the people living in the producing area a perspective and security which we find reflected in the quality of our products.

We maintain enduring relationships with the producers and are dedicated to doing business fairly while upholding the highest ecological and ethical standards.

We are also constantly engaged in inspiring exchanges with research institutes (e. g. the International Coconut Genetic Resources Network), coconut specialists (e. g. Dr. Brice Fife) and various coconut lobbyists, such as the UN-Coconut Agency in Jakarta (APCC) or the Indian Coconut Development Board.

"We hope that through fair trade and environmental awareness we can be a positive influence, especially in fostering organic and sustainable agriculture in the producing countries." – Josefine Staats, founder of KULAU