young coconuts

The refreshing treat for the summer

A coconut doesn't always have to be small and brown. Fresh young coconuts, full to the brim with tasty, fruity coconut water are popular In many parts of the world. And now we're bringing them to Europe!

A young coconut is harvested from the palm tree about five months before it ripens. It is usually served with the green or orange husk, as the characteristic wooden shell within is still soft. Inside the shell, instead of the thick white meat found in ripened coconuts, young coconuts are coated with a couple of millimeter thick sweet jelly - which is why they are called "jelly coconuts" in Jamaica.

Young coconuts are full of pure coconut water. Depending on the variety, a single coconut can contain between 250 and 450 ml of this refreshing delicacy. Coconut water doesn't simply quench your thirst, it also revitalizes, it's especially low in calories (only about 80 kcal per nut) and has isotonic properties.

And we're bringing this exclusive tropical refreshment to Germany at long last. This summer we'll be presenting our ice-chilled, palm-fresh at various events (see dates). Of course, you can also order young coconuts or our packaged KULAU organic coconut water all year from our web shop.

Perhaps you would like to offer fresh young coconuts at your next event? Whether beach party, festival or business event - this tropical fruit is a real eyecatcher and gives every event that special exotic flair.