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"...I've tried a lot of coconuts recently - but none were as tasty as yours! Two thumbs up from me! The team was thrilled too, except Jan who wanted to drink straight from the coconut and spilt it all over himself - but it was a lot of fun. :)"

Stephanie A. of greenest green

"Hello, we want to say thanks a lot - not even 24 hours between order and delivery ... I'd like to see someone try to beat that! The product is awesome, I 've often worked with coconuts - but this flavor is simply unique... So many, many thanks - until the next delivery."

Silvia W. from Wuppertal

"I always drink pure coconut water first thing in the morning - it's just so good, it would be a pity to dilute it in a smoothie ;-) And it wakes you right up in the morning if you drink a large glass on an empty stomach. 

Coconut oil is still my all-time-favorite: one glass in the kitchen and one in the bathroom. I can't even imagine life without KULAU Coconut Oil anymore. :-)
I also gave my grandma and grandpa a glass and grandpa eats a spoon everyday because it's good for his weak heart. Otherwise they use it for cooking and baking.

I also gave them coconut sugar - they enjoyed that, too. I really like it myself too and sometimes I eat a small spoonful of it pure :-)"
L. K. from Darmstadt (2014)
”Talofa lava Kulau team,

I just wanted to send you some very positive feedback!

My family and I are from the South Pacific (Samoa & New Zealand). A few years ago I moved to Germany to study and was really sad that there are so few coconut products here. Most of all I missed coconut water and coconut oil! After searching for a long time I finally came across YOU on the Internet :)

I quickly found out that KULAU is sold in my town - thank god!

We in the Southern Pacific LOVE our coconuts.... And we love YOU! You're my heroes :)

Thanks a lot, and I hope you enjoyed my little story as much as I enjoy your products! Please keep on doing what you do!!

N.M. (05/03/2013)

"Your products are really amazing! The coconut water is really totally great for the summer feeling and you can really use the oil for just about anything: frying, cooking, or for your hair! For all coconut-lovers - an absolute must-have!!!! Thank you!"

Jenny M. from Berlin

"Looking forward to my next delivery!"

Petra K. from Aurich

"Thank you for the delivery. The coconut water tastes great!"

Friederike M. from Beikheim

"When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is to tear open a coconut water and to drink it, like a baby drinks its mother's milk  It's precious immediate rehydration. Afterwards I feel fresh and full of energy, ready for the day.
Just like after sport, yoga or dancing. When the body almost calls out to have its fluids and minerals replenished.
Also when it's really hot or after you drink coffee - whenever I feel tired or exhausted. Or when I have this craving for something that one tries to satisfy with sweets, chocolate or other treats - although that never really works. It just never gives me satisfaction, at least that's how it is for me. But when I have that feeling, then I drink coconut water. Then peace returns to my body and spirit because it's just so pure and really good for you. It's like liquid harmony.
Probably all the potassium and magnesium in it calm the nerves. Just like almonds or bananas.
Coconut water is perfectly natually isotonic. I learned in the jungle that you can give a blood transfusion with coconut water! It's so perfectly adapted to the mineral balance of our organism. It has the same electrolytic ratio as human blood.
I've often spent months on end in Asia and Thailand and literally learnt to live off of coconuts. And also in America, where I spend the other half of my time, you can get coconut water in Tetra Paks at every store. And whenever I came back home I missed it soooo much - my body virtually called out for it! Demanded it.
That's why I'm so grateful and glad that I can get this precious gift of nature here now, pure and filled in practical little cartons by KULAU."
Celebrate life!
In light. 
Jana Freebird Pallaske (2011)