coconut palm

Facts and knowledge about coconuts

On the following pages we've gathered a wide variety of interesting facts about coconuts, which have accumulated over the course of millenia.

Under Coconut Biology, you can learn more about the coconut as a drupe and the differences between young and ripe coconuts.

Under Cocount Harvesting Techniques, we present an overview over the different harvesting techniques, ranging from the practical to the outright bizarre, used to pluck coconuts from palm trees.

Under Coconut Products, you can get a sense of the vast range of applications for all parts of the coconut palm, many of them almost entirely unknown in the West.

Under Coconut Literature, we've compiled a selection of fascinating books dealing with coconuts and coconut products.

Under Coconut Curios, we've collected amusing and surprising facts and figures about coconuts.

And finally, under Tips & Tricks we answer the most important question: How do you actually open up the nut?