We are constantly looking for new distribution partners (wholesalers and retailers), both nationally and internationally.

KULAU began operations in 2008, meaning the company is still young and thus offers distributors good business opportunities.

In its short existence, KULAU has already managed to build a reputation for itself and the products are very well received by our existing customers. This success is the result of unique trendy products of extremely high organic quality and a lot of hard work into informative marketing and PR activities. The fact that our products are part of a new emerging trend and of such high quality means we face little competition and this makes our products particularly attractive. Additionally, the demand for natural organic products is constantly on the rise (sales in 2008 rose by 10 % in Germany alone¹).

KULAU offers following advantages to its partners:

  • Trend-Setting Products: Coconut water and coconut oil are rapidly gaining recognition as ultimate natural health products and are already established trend-setters in North America, especially in New York. Constant reports of celebrities like Madonna and Richard Branson using these products in their daily lives has also helped create a buzz. That, coupled with scientific research that has confirmed claims of the immense health benefits of these products makes KULAU products a good bet for the future.
  • Organic Quality: Our products are certified organic according to European standards (and additionally by internationally recognized organizations). Not only that, but our products exceed these standards. Both our products (KULAU Organic Coconut Oil and Water) are free of all forms of additives (preservatives, flavourings and colorings) and extra ingredients (e.g. sweeteners). Our organic coconut oil is cold and wet pressed straight after harvest, whereas the standard procedure with most organic coconut oils is to press the dried flesh. An ever growing amount of health-conscious people means demand for high quality organic products is continuously on the rise.
  • High Flexibility: We develop unique cooperative solutions depending on your demands. Our services also include providing free on- and offline marketing and information materials and on-demand tasting and promotion activities at Point of Sale (POS).
  • Dedication and Product Expertise: KULAU regularly keeps in touch with its partner production facilities and experts to keep up to date with latest news, standards and research in the world of coconuts and coconut products. That means, you have the peace of mind that you are dealing with a competent partner. KULAU will also keep its partners and customers informed at all times, be it through our web site, Facebook profile, Twitter tweets, our blog, newsletter or a direct call from our office.
  • Attractive Branding: Our customers associate the KULAU brand with a healthy lifestyle, youth and energy combined with ethical, fair and sustainable dealing. This is the result of our business values, product quality and design, together with hard work into informative marketing and PR activities. Seldom are companies able to offer all these attractive features at the same time, giving our products a USP which our partners can take advantage of.
  • Fair Prices: We offer our partners fair prices, allowing them to pass on fair prices to their customers and still make good margins. We at KULAU believe that a healthy lifestyle should be available to everyone at reasonable prices.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information regarding our conditions and services.

¹ Source: Bund Ökologischer Lebensmittelwirtschaft (BÖLW)